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Esprit Porcelaine

Esprit Porcelaine, 30 years of multi-faceted creations.

Esprit Porcelaine, 30 years of multi-faceted creations.


Since 1984, the designers at Esprit Porcelaine have been imagining the objects of today and tomorrow. The artists’ collective asserts its taste for new forms, with the desire to maintain Limoges porcelain’s image of excellence. Esprit Porcelaine takes on projects in the field of luxury items and exceptional objects, where creativity, fine materials and prestige are closely linked.


Firmly anchored in its territory, Esprit Porcelaine cooperates closely with local businesses to manufacture and distribute its designs.


The group’s members come from a range of backgrounds: designers, craftspeople, form-makers, artists... These multiple sensibilities lead to a rich and varied range of work.




The association created its label: spirit China Creators in Limoges (registered trademark). It hands over to the young creators who renew the forms, the universes, decorations and bring to the foreground new concepts. They so contribute to make Limoges exist in the modernity. The objective of this label is to make a contemporary product in the line of a quality tradition of specific know-how in the china of Limoges.


Certified company  "Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant" ("Undertaken of the Alive Heritage")



Free admission



Esprit Porcelaine

42 rue de Bourneville (Siège Social)


Tél. : 05 55 01 83 28


Website :



Sales area and permanent exhibition:
Open every day from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 12.30 pm, and from 2.30 pm to 7 pm at the Table de Limoges (Medard de Noblat) shop in Boisseuil

Contact details:

Zone commerciale de Boisseuil, Les Quatre Vents, 87220 Boisseuil Tel.: 05 55 06 93 51


Esprit Porcelaine
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Esprit Porcelaine
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