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Porcelain Lachaniette

Porcelain Lachaniette proposes a route(course) of discovery and a shop of china sale of Limoges

This tour circuit presents the complete history of Limoges porcelain: 23 themes where links to the past from private collections mix with contemporary porcelain of the day. The passion of three generations is brought together in this unique venue for a better understanding of Limoges porcelain through its history and the development of the expertise involved in it.


The Lachaniette conservatory has an area for sales (tableware, jewellery, decorations...) and offers advice and expertise to collectors.
Prestige de Limoges, at 2, Boulevard Louis Blanc, sells porcelain from the Limoges factories, proudly promoting the prestigious major brands.


At 27, Boulevard Louis Blanc, white and decorated porcelain from the factories in Limoges is on sale.



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Free visits, sales area, guided tours, events, other services.



Free visit


Porcelaines Lachaniette

27 Boulevard Louis Blanc 87000 LIMOGES

Tél. : 05 55 34 58 61





For all sites: open all year except Sundays and bank holidays. From 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm



Porcelain Lachaniette à Limoges
Coffee cups in blue and yellow
Porcelain Lachaniette
A cup with a tilted small dish
Porcelain Lachaniette
A decorated mug