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Who embodies creation and design through Limoges porcelain?

One can't talk about creation and design without talking about Esprit Porcelaine (Porcelain Spirit).


Esprit Porcelaine was born in 1985 through the desire of ceramic creators from different backgrounds either through their approach to the fire arts as much as their wish to create a link between the material "porcelain" and industry through objects and design and rekindle an upswing in tableware.


Esprit Porcelaine organises exhibitions, exports and increases visibility in France and abroad.

Their creations defy prowess and techniques through the marriage of different materials whether they be glass, crystal, enamel or even wood…

It's a breeding ground for artists who keep creating, innovating, regenerate, exchange and work at developing the image of Limoges porcelain.



To see:

"Esprit Porcelaine" permanent exhibition at the Médard de Noblat gallery in Boisseuil.

The Médard de Noblat gallery, at its Boisseuil site, has consecrated the whole of its modern space to the presentation of Esprit Porcelaine artists and designers in order to encourage and show the creative possibilities of Limoges porcelain and thus make available a showcase for new talents in the field. The modern face of porcelain is presented in this gallery space: unique pieces, monumental or for the table, show the worth of the material that is porcelain in the sense of originality and innovation.


To do:


Limoges Haute-Vienne porcelain road


To read:

A book with 130 illustrations that allows you to travel on a discovery of their universe entitled "Esprit Porcelaine".


Authors: Marie-Hélène EVERT - Jean-Marc FERRER -  Publishers "Les Ardents Editeurs".

Creation and design according to Esprit Porcelaine
Eggs according to Esprit Porcelaine
Creation and design according to Esprit Porcelaine
Exhibition hall in the Adrien Dubouché museum