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Unique pieces

He who says unique person or place says unique object or piece!

Porcelaine Arquié  in Limoges can meet your desires or demands of the moment. They can personalise an object or medal according to your wants for you or as a present to create a piece unique to you.

The Pierre Arquié porcelain factory was created in 1996 by Mr Arquié. They carry out all the stages of production: design of the moulds, casting and baking the white pieces, hand painted decoration. They are committed to accompanying creators, artists, architects, designers and even amateurs. They show great open-mindedness to the world of creation. All these exchanges, partnerships and collaborations leads to the production of prestige pieces, unique objects or very limited series.


To repeat these words "inspire, encourage, renew", modern ceramic creation in interpretation and Limoges porcelain extends the limits of the matter. Porcelaine Arquié are members of the "Limoges Haute-Vienne Porcelain Roads".


Don't hesitate. Ask for your unique piece or prestige object. It awaits you.




Porcelaine Arquié
Hand holding a brush
Porcelaine Arquié
Porcelaine Arquié
Tortoise boxes