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Limoges porcelain, man and material

Limoges porcelain, man and material

First there was Kaolin, discovered in the entrails of the earth

Then it had to be guided towards more and more convoluted forms.

Finally, it was necessary to master fire


In this encounter, all the production and decoration artists, by their creativity, perseverance and excellence, pay tremendous tribute to the matter.

In exchange, as in a romantic relationship, porcelain itself in its diaphanous beauty pays tribute to the numerous talents that has led it to its splendour.

"White isn't simply our luxury, it's also our honour: to obtain the wonderful isn't simply a matter of vanity; it's a question of conscience, and in the case of conscience one cannot show too much sensitivity". (Pouyat)



Discover all the porcelain makers and their video portraits.


Ms Aurélie Pergay
Porcelaine Pergay
Porcelaine Faye
Porcelaine Faye in Saint-Maurice les Brousses
Mr Gérard Chastagner
An active porcelain pensioner
Porcelaine Joseph Goscimski
Joseph Goscimski: an enthusiast
Porcelaine Bruno Mercier
Bruno Mercier and Christophe Henocq: a creative duo