The Limousin Golden Delicious


Pommes golden du LimousinThere are around 80 apple varieties in the Limousin: Sainte Germaine, Lestre, Goldrenette… But the most famous remains the Golden Delicious. This variety was introduced to the region in the 50s and is henceforth the principal production in the Limousin and the Haute-Vienne. In 2004, the Limousin high altitude Golden Delicious was awarded, by special decree, the official PDO ( Protected Designation of Origin) “apple of the Limousin” and is therefore the first apple in France to benefit from this label. The climate and soil quality in the region allowed the birth of a juicy and crunchy apple.


Follow the “Limousin PDO Apple Road” A festival of colours and flavours, this route crosses three départements: the Haute-Vienne, the Corrèze and the Dordogne. Arborists, fruit cooperatives, caterers, craftspeople and farm producers welcome tourists and introduce them to their profession. In the Haute-Vienne, this route of delicacies starts in Nexon and passes through Saint-Priest Ligoure, la Meyze, la Roche l’Abeille, Coussac Bonneval and Saint-Yrieix la Perche.


To taste at the “Le Croquembouche" pastry shop in Saint-Yrieix la Perche: the “pomminette”, a small cake made with Limousin apple juice.


Recipe idea:  Apple flognarde

Anecdote: Administrator Turgot was heavily involved in the development of the Haute-Vienne and also is responsible for the name of the Apple “Lestre”. In fact, a peasant offered him an apple that he had taken from his windowsill, “l’estrot” in patois. The word became the name for this traditional Limousin apple.




Sweet chestnut


La châtaigne The chestnut tree is the emblem of the Limousin. It's also called the “tree of bread” because in the past, sweet chestnuts were the main food staple of the peasant population. Sweet chestnut helped the local population through periods of famine. There are multiple varieties: Courive, Josette, Bourrue, Jalade… that can be found in a large number of traditional dishes.


Sweet chestnut and its 1001 uses! It can be used in different ways:


  • Blanched: pods and skin removed then boiled using an ancestral technique,
  • The feuillardier: a natural aperitif with as its base sweet chestnut liquor and white wine,
  • Sweet chestnut liquor,
  • The Borgou: an artisanal cake made of sugar, butter and sweet chestnut flour and decorated with a sweet chestnut leaf. This delicious patisserie takes its name from a famous Limousin highway bandit.
  • The brouillade: A speciality invented by Alexis Delouis. It's a desert using sweet chestnuts and milk,
  • Sweet chestnut black pudding.


Come and discover older varieties at the Conservatory Orchard at Vigneras near Dournazac situated in the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park and try out the sweet chestnut trail