Tried and tested for you… The CRIL Café in Limoges

Bistrot CRIL snack café

Julie et Marion's chronicle is back to get you into that 'end of the year' spirit. 

"Having geochached all summer, Julie and Marion found the larder bare when the 'north wind began to blow. Not a single morsel of fly or tiny worm...' (taken from the poem The Cicada and the Ant by Jean de La Fontaine)." Sheesh... stop, stop, stop!!! It's true we covered quite a few kilometres searching for Poï’z across the Limousin, but to say that we're having to resort to eating insects...

No, we're going to be honest with you! We're effectively epicureans and we're lucky that in the Limousin there are numerous, tasty local products of a high quality, Limousin meat, boutique beer, black-bottom pork, magdalenas, AOC / AOP apples, marzipan cakes, chestnut liqueur... So, you can imagine our joy when we heard that Laurent MANDON, creator of the Communauté Révolutionnaire Indépendantiste Limousine (the Limousin Independant Revolutionary Community), had opened the CRIL Café on Place Denis Dussoubs. It's true that we've already spoken to the people of the Limousin about this because the CRIL concept has been around for a few years. Who doesn't have in their wardrobe or chest of drawers an "I love Limoges" T-shirt, a Cosina Limouzi apron, a Pitit Limouzi bib or dummy for the tiny tot… ? We were already able to clothe ourselves 100% Limousin, but from now on we're also able to spend an evening 100% Limouzi!




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The CRIL Café can be found at 4 place Denis Dussoubs right in the centre of Limoges, in the former offices of Haute-Vienne Tourisme. Quite frankly, when I worked there, I never imagined that a cafe could be set up in the reception area* (Marion's note). So it must be noted, that it was with a certain amount of curiosity that we entered the CRIL Café. Its decor is warm and the former, horrible green has been replaced with tones of light grey, wood and white stones. The tone is set! As well as the main room, our former documentation cellar has been transformed into a cosy salon where large, comfortable settees await you. But other than the decor (Marion's note: don't forget to visit the WC, it's worth the detour), make special note when they bring you the menu, there's no doubt as to where we are... on Limousin soil.

Moreover, it's difficult to choose from the large selection on offer.  And we must admit that even if we've lived here several years, we had no idea there was so much choice. So, to start we went classic: a golden CRIL** draft beer and a discovery plateau with cold cuts and cheese (we didn't scrimp on anything because we were sacrificing ourselves for you, dear reader!). And we weren't disappointed. The setting and the menu pleased us so much (next time we're going to try the sangria**made with a Verneuil rosé and drunk with a giant straw or the Mouzito**), we've decided to return during the broadcast of a CSP (Limoges basketball club) match.

And we're finishing this article with this saying: "you are what you eat". No surprise for us… we're from the Limousin!




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* Marion's note (4 years as a receptionist, place Denis Dussoubs)

** The abuse of alcohol can be bad for your health…  CRIL draft beer is, nevertheless, very good.