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Go back in time with a 1950s steam train

The Limousin-Périgord Tourist Railway Association (CFTLP) maintains and runs, during the holidays, a real steam train. Seated in the antique carriages, you'll be delighted at the unique voyage, accessible only by train. Let us take you to…

Discover the Vienne Gorges and go back in time with a 1950s steam train

On a railway track that leads to Ussel, the Limoges-Eymoutiers line, that runs during summer, offers up many curiosities for travellers of all ages. In an unspoilt setting, numerous viaducts followed by tunnels and exceptional views are linked together with the rhythm of the locomotive allowing you to take magnificent photos

Take advantage of the stop at Eymoutiers, Town of  Leather Making, to refresh yourself in one of the town's restaurants or picnic in the Pré Lanaud park. In the afternoon you have the choice of strolling round the town alone or with a guide, take part in a GPS guided treasure hunt (Tèrra Aventura: geocaching made in the Limousin), discover the mineral museum or the Rebeyrolle space contemporary art collection.

But the association's activities don't stop there… There are other destinations on offer, in particular Montluçon for the traditional Festirail (Festival of ancient railway material) and, in 2016, a special run at the same time as the historic Seven-year Ostensions  procession in Saint-Junien (100,000 visitors are expected).


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Association C.F.T.L.P.

9, rue Martin Fréminet



Steam train in the Limousin
Steam train in the Limousin on the Limoges Montluçon line
Tourist steam train in the Limousin
Steam train Saint-Junien, Aixe-sur-Vienne, Limoges
Steam train in the Limousin
Special CFTLP steam train Limoges Thiviers Lafarge
Steam train in the Limousin
Steam train passing through Saint-Junien
Steam train in the Limousin
Steam train in the Limousin: a human adventure