The Limousin Aquarium loves families

Families at the Limousin Aquarium Limoges

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your commander speaking. Welcome on board the LGS-AQUARIUS submarine stationed in the heart of Limoges town. You'll set off on a tour of the world's seas and oceans where you will live through amusing encounters and experiences. Fasten your seat belts… and we're off!"

Don't worry parents, you don't have to go on a deep sea diving course or be champion of the world in breath holding, global warming hasn't yet brought the seas to Limoges! It's just that for this E-mag #4, I'm taking you on a discovery of an atypical aquarium: the Limousin Aquarium, right in the centre of Limoges.  Atypical for  2 reasons. The first for it being housed in the town's former underground water reservoir.


The second, for its scenography that immerses you in the aquatic world. The underwater decor enhances the 40 aquariums housing the 2500 fish and reptiles. The entertaining setting enables the visitor to better understand the milieu through riddles and quizzes and live through particular experiences. Who has never dreamt of walking underwater? Well in the Limousin Aquarium, it's possible. You can even have your fingers tickled by Koi Carp in the touching tanks. However, be careful that you don't plunge them in the wrong tank! Because not far from there, lurking in the shadows, some new inhabitants have taken up residence… small, piercing eyes, rough skin, long jaw and sharp teeth. The Caymans are here!




aquarium Limousin Limoges en famille

But the aquarium is also a place of discovery where the in-house biologists make adults and children aware of how to protect oceans and rivers. They'll also show you behind the scenes inviting you to visit the nursery, the laboratory, the kitchen and you'll even help out by feeding the residents. No doubt that after this visit, your little ones will ask you how they can become marine biologists.

Moreover, for the miniature pirates who want to celebrate their birthday on distant seas, the Aquarium's staff hav thought of everything. A treasure hunt, disguises, a big hug from Teddy the shark, the site's mascot... And don't worry, the latter is as gentle as a clownfish. So, all aboard!!!






Aquarium du Limousin

2 boulevard Gambetta 87000 Limoges

Tel: 05 55 33 42 11 - Fax: 05 55 33 47 78



The Limousin Aquarium is open 7 days a week (weekends and bank holidays included) from 10:30 AM to 6 PM open without interruption.


From 14 July to 31 August the aquarium is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM.

Annual closure: 25 December, 1st January, 4 January to 5 February 2016.


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