Limoges porcelain revealed, episode 3

Porcelains from the Corot Vie en Rose site

portrait Patrice Fromion porcelaine Vie en RoseDiscover the porcelain of the Corot et La Vie en Rose Site. At first, one absorbs the history of the place, the factory with its artisanal history and intense industry. In the 18th century, the town of Saint-Junien was already known for its work with leather. This site has also seen within its walls, the industrial progress of the last centuries. The evidence of this can be still seen today in its watermill that was used to produce oil then, halfway through the 19th century, it became a paper pulp mill.


In 1984, Patrice Fromion, the present director, bought the site and created "Porcelaines du site Corot". The name came to him easily through another part of history linked to the place: that of the pre-Impressionist painter Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot. Between 1850 and 1860, he came to Saint-Junien four times to stay in a chalet close to water that neighboured the factory and was named Site Corot  in his honour. The town had created a precious link with the painter and after his death, the inhabitants created a medallion with his image that was fixed to the rock where regularly he went to paint.

At first, Porcelaine du Site Corot produced white pieces (plates, cups, plant holders…) then expanded to hand decorated products exported to the United States and Japan. In the early 1980s, Patrice Fromion became interested in the table arts and it's with the collaboration of the American designer, Bill Goldsmith, that the company became famous.

A new chapter was opened for the company in 1999 with the creation of "La Vie en Rose". Easy to say and synonymous with another French glory well-known on the other side of the Atlantic, this name seemed to have been created specifically to invoke small Limoges boxes to the Americans. The tradition of handpainting has been carefully and superbly maintained  in order to create decorations that reflect everyday life: the seasons, parties, children, weddings, travels, dances, music, at the seaside, gastronomy, Paris…



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"Porcelaines du site Corot - La Vie en Rose" are part of Limoges in Haute-Vienne porcelain road