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The Haute-Vienne suggests using these long-distance trails as another way of discovering the area.

Long-distance trails (GRP) itineraries 


The Haute-Vienne is crossed by 5 long-distance trails (GRP):

- The GR 654, from Vézelay (89-Bourgogne) to Montréal-du-Gers (32-Midi-Pyrénées),

- The GR 4, from Royan (17-Poitou-Charentes) to Grasse (06-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur),

- The GR 48,  from Aixe-sur-Vienne (87) to Chinon (37-Centre),

- The GR 46 for just a few kilometres, from Tours (37-Centre) to Les Cabanes (81-Midi-Pyrénées),  

-  The Rocamadour route towards Compostela.



Chemin_st_jacques_de_Compostelle en Haute-VienneThe GR 654 Vézelay route, Santiago de Compostela Route


The GR 654 Vézelay route is one of the historic routes to Santiago de Compostela. It’s marked for around 1 750 km from Namur in Belgium to the South-West France.


It crosses the Haute-Vienne East to Southwest for nearly 115 km of marked trails that allow you to discover the food and heritage of four regions: Occitane and the Monts d’Ambazac, Mountains and Dams, Limoges and the Limousin Chestnut Forests. It arrives from the Creuse via Billanges and leaves in the Dordogne, via Dournazac.


This crossing is an occasion to discover the different facets of the Haute-Vienne: countryside-parkland, the Limousin mountains and passing by a few typical, traditionally built villages.


In following the red and white markers of this ancient path listed as a European Cultural Itinerary, you'll cross landscapes that are as varied as they are delightful and mediaeval towns some of which are considered architectural jewels.


The Saint-Léonard de Noblat Abbey Church is indeed a marvel of art listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Saint-Martial Abbey in Limoges was a beacon in the West due to the worship of Martial and the delicacy of its gold work on enamel created in its workshops.


South of Limoges, Solignac fief of Saint Eloi the Good, was also a stage recognised by pilgrims. You can admire the only Romanesque abbey in the Limousin with a line of cupolas.


Whatever your destination, let yourself be surprised by the Haute-Vienne, its landscapes, its know-how, its heritage, its gastronomy, its interesting villages and live an HAUT-VIENNE experience!


There's a guide produced by the French Hiking Federation. You can find their contact details below.



grande randonnée voie compostelle rocamadour“The Rocamadour route towards Compostela – a Saint James route in the Limousin and Haut-Quercy.”

The Rocamadour route in the Limousin and Haut-Quercy, allows pilgrims to reach Compostela passing by Rocamadour and its pilgrimage site. This ancient Saint James Way reopened on 2 July 2011. A practical guide and specific markings help you to safely travel along its route.


Over 270 km you'll cross 2 Régions (the Limousin and the Midi-Pyrénées), 4 Départements  (Creuse, Haute-Vienne, Corrèze, Lot) and 2 Regional Nature Parks: that of Millevaches and that of Causses du Quercy.


You'll discover the landscapes of the Millevaches Plateau, Monédières, Tulle Country and that of Collonges la Rouge, the valleys of the Vézère, the Corrèze and the Dordogne.


You'll pass through renowned towns and villages: Bénévent, Bourganeuf, Peyrat-le-Château, Eymoutiers and its Paul Rebeyrolle modern art space, Treignac, Chaumeil famous because of Jean Ségurel, his accordion and the Bol D'Or, Corrèze, Tulle, Aubazines and its Abbay, Collonges la Rouge (Most Beautiful Villages of France), Martel and Rocamadour. Other lesser-known villages, but in authentic surroundings are also happy to welcome you.


The itinerary in the Haut-Vienne:

Stage 6: 7.3 km, 1.50 hours between St-Martin and Peyrat-le-Chateau

Stage 7: 14 km, 3.35 hours between Peyrat-le-Château and Eymoutiers

Stage 8: 28,8 km, 8.20 between Eymoutiers and Chamberet


There's a Practical Guide to “The Rocamadour Route in the Limousin and Haut-Quercy” (2011 edition). In it you'll find all the information necessary to good practice when taking this path to Compostela.


For all enquiries and practical information:


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