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Interpretation trails

The Haute-Vienne has an offer numerous interpretation trails spread out over the whole département.

Go out and contact nature through these trails that offer walkers tools to learn about the fauna, the flora, natural habitats and the action of man on the landscapes.


Sentier d’interprétation de Mayéras à Aixe-sur-VienneThe Mayéras in Aixe-sur-Vienne interpretation trail

Discover the Vienne Valley using two original and entertaining interpretation trails: the walking stick and the canoe do the talking. The "talking walking stick" is available to walkers so they can hear about the fauna and flora of the site and interactive terminals have been set up along the canoe route.

Val de Vienne Tourist Office: 05 55 70 19 71





Sentier d’interprétation Gartempe BessinesThe banks of the Gartempe at Bersac-sur-Rivalier botanical discovery trail 

For approximately 1 km you can discover 34 flower, tree and shrub species, but also the Rocherolles Viaduct.


An explanatory sheet is sold in the following Tourist Offices: Monts d'Ambazac and Val du Taurion Tourist Office 05 55 56 70 70 Bessines Tourist Office 05 55 79 09 28



Bessines sur Gartempe nectar-producing plants and shrubs botanical trail

Situated on the site of the Puy Teigueux "Bee Lodge" (2 km from Bessines, along the loge aux abeilles walking circuit), 30 panels in French, Latin and Occitan are scattered along it. Bessines Tourist Office 05 55 79 09 28



The Châtaigne Conservatory Trail at Dournzac 

In the heart of a chestnut forest, this trail is furnished with 8, colourfully illustrated educational panels evoking the history and the culture of the chestnut, conservation of the different varieties, gastronomy…

Monts de Châlus Tourist Office 09 60 07 30 07



The Biche Trail at Ladignac-le-Long

5 km long, this trail has 10 "interpretation stations" with panels evoking the trees and shrubs, the bats, the chestnut trees and even wild animal prints.

Pays de Saint-Yrieix Tourist Office 05 55 08 20 72



Sentier d’interprétation bords de Vienne à LimogesThe banks of the Vienne at Limoges discovery trail

Stroll through the Cathedral Quarter and along the banks of the Vienne in the town of Limoges. 3.5 km – 2 hours. Departure is at the entrance to the Evêché garden to the right of the Saint-Etienne Cathedral entrance porch. Enamel works accompany your walk. At each point of interest, you'll find a leaflet on nature and another on history in order to discover the banks of the Vienne. In flashing the QR code with your telephone at each stop, you can listen to a presentation.

Download adult and children booklets from the Town of Limoges website. You can also see the video presenting the trail.

Limoges Tourist Office 055 55 34 46 87



The Saint-Laurent Peat Bog trail at la Roche l'Abeille 

This protected site (Natura 2000 site) is covered in a striped rock that resembles reptile skin. The trail that crosses it is an invitation to discover the trades linked to pastoralism.

Pays de Saint-Yrieix Tourist Office 05 55 08 20 72


La Flotte and Cluzeau trail at Château Chervix and Meuzac

This 3 km-interpretation trail allows the visitor to discover a protected space of 120 ha with outcrops of serpentinite, blackish, lunar and fantastic rocks. Explanatory panels along the trail.

Briance Sud Haute-Vienne Tourist Office 05 55 00 89 91


The pollen plant trail at Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire 

This trail of around 2.5 km invites the visitor to discover cultivated or wild pollen producing plants. The panels explain the beekeepers' profession and the role of the bee in the environment.

Pays des Feuillardiers Tourist Office 05 55 78 22 21


The Agias Junhant trail at Pensol 

It allows discovery of different forest environments of the Epinassie (chestnut groves, mixed forest, humid forest), cultivation and human uses of the forest. 7 km and 13 information panels.

Pays des Feuillardiers Tourist Office 05 55 78 22 21


Geological trail exploring the impact crater of the Rochechouart meteor

Two loops of 2 or 8 km offer two interpretation centres at the Château and at Babaudas as well as along the trail. The visitor will discover the mysteries of a meteorite that fell close to Rochechouart 200 million years ago.

Pays de la Météorite Tourist Office 05 55 03 72 73


Pouge Lake at Saint-Auvent, Saint-Cyr, Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre 

Ornithological stations created. Sensitive Natural Space. Limousin ZNIEFF (zone of floristic, faunal and ecological value). Site registered with Natura 2000 (Gorre and Gorret Valleys). Interpretation trail of 2.5 km. 500 m walking trail accessible to people of reduced mobility. Fishing dock accessible to people of reduced mobility.

Gorre Valley Tourist Office 05 55 00 06 55


Gorre and Gorret Valley Trail at Saint-Auvent

3.5 km and 6 interpretation sites so you can follow the water in the enclosed valley of the Gorre and discover the natural wealth of this river: its fauna, flora and its geology and calm and fresh ambience.

Gorre Valley Tourist Office 05 55 00 06 55


Dauges Peat Bog reserve at Saint-Léger-la-Montagne

The reserve house has available for walkers, an audio guide called GPTO to help them discover the wealth of the peat bog. National nature reserve.

Reserve house 05 55 39 80 20


Interprétation trail from the Ligoure's forest

The 7-km interpretive trail and 10 stations allow you to discover the 40-hectare forest park of the Ligoure domain. In the latter, you will be spoiled for choice to nourish your curiosity with the landscapes, ornithological and botanical interests present on the site. Do not forget to take a detour to the fortress of Châlucet nearby.

Website: Chalucet Ligoure


Vayres botanical trail 

Rosaceae discovery trail 2.8 km long, grouping together 33 plant species with explanatory guides and panels. The visitor will learn numerous things on plant diversity and, notably the Rosaceae family.

Rochechouart Tourist Office 05 55 03 72 73


Rousseille-Puycheny peat bog at Saint-Hilaire-les-Places and la Meyze

A discovery trail that is a mosaic of natural environments: dry grassland, lakes, peat bog. Situated in the middle of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park.

Pays de Nexon Tourist Office 05 55 58 28 44

Drosera flower at Dauges Peat Bog reserve
Drosera flower
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