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Major natural sites

Nature and discovery sites are remarkable natural sites that are of important ecological interest for the département of the Haute-Vienne as well as at a national or European level.

Structured around 9 thematically and geographically identified Centres, they bear witness to the wealth and the diversity of natural habitats in the Haute-Vienne. Equipped with entertaining educational material or animated media, they invite us to discover this remarkable environment, to know it better and therefore better respect it!


This network of sites has been set up by the départemental Council in partnership with local authorities, naturalist associations managing the site and other local entities.




Discover our selection of four major natural sites: 

- Mont Gargan

- The Dauges Peat Bog natural and national reserve

- Pouge Lake

- Vaseix Forest



Discovery and interpretation trails 


Numerous interpretation trails in the Haute-Vienne allow nature lovers to discover the richness of the local fauna and flora through suitable information and outreach tools.

Do not hesitate in opening the doors of the welcome house and Tourist Offices in order to obtain practical information on how to access the sites and how to use the outreach tools.

The Dauges Peat Bog natural and national reserve
A protected space not to be missed
Pouge Lake
Ornithological reserve in Saint-Auvent
Vaseix Forest
Hiking and orientation course closed to Limoges
Mont Gargan
High place of the resistance and discovery course at 731 meters of altitude