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Pouge Lake

This 32-hectare lake offers up to visitors all its natural and country wealth, but also multiple activities: agriculture, fishing, nature observatories, walks along the interpretation trail…

L’étang de la Pouge est situé sur le

Pouge Lake is situated in a marshy region between the towns of Saint-Auvent, Saint-Cyr and Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre and is part of the Périgord Limousin Regional Nature Park and part of the Haute-Vienne. The dyke was created at the end of the 18th century on the Gorret stream upstream of its confluence with the Gorre at an altitude of 253 metres.


With an area of 32 ha, Pouge Lake belongs to the Haute-Vienne County Council. Listed in the inventory of natural zones of an ecological interest due to the fauna and flora of the Limousin and included in the listed site of the Gorre and Gorret valleys, it has also been integrated into the European network of Natura 2000 sites.


The Département, owner of the site, is responsible for managing the dam, maintaining the woods and terrain along the banks that shelter certain particularly remarkable habitats. Together with other local partners, it also participates in the control of alien invasive species and the improvement of water quality. Finally, it coordinates the actions implemented on the site in partnership with the Vienne Gorre joint syndicate.


Discover Pouge Lake through:

– an interpretation trail: along partly wooded banks, a 2.5 km-interpretation trail interspersed with explanatory panels allowing curious visitors to better understand the natural richness of the site.

– a privileged fishing space: the calm waters of the lake have become a privileged habitat for fish to the great pleasure of anglers. The depths shelter an excellent population of carp, tench and roach.

– an ornithological observatory: the lake and its surroundings offer a show appreciated by amateur ornithologists. An observatory allows the public to learn and recognise waterbirds: nesting birds (mallards, water hen, common heron), winter (green-winged Teal) and summer (great egret and purple heron) migrating birds.

Download the presentation leaflet here.


Nota: Pouge Lake is accessible to people of reduced mobility (labelled "Tourism and Disability"). A 500 m trail has been created by the Département in partnership with the French Association for paralysed individuals. A fishing pontoon has also been equipped for people in wheelchairs.


Sources: texts and images Haute-Vienne County Council.

Pouge Lake
A ornithological observatory
Pouge Lake
View of the countryside
Pouge Lake
A lake of 32 ha
Pouge Lake
Fishing area
Pouge Lake
Interprétation path