In the steps of the Grandmont monks

A walker in the steps of the Grandaunt monks

The good weather's here, it's time to put on your walking clothes and explore history like Indiana Jones. So, put on your hat and set off with a whip in one hand and a machete in another (or perhaps a penknife, it's not so dangerous) for a great adventure.

For you the curious, I've climbed the highest Limousin mountains, more commonly known as the Monts d’Ambazac, to discover the Grandmont order… Don't worry, I haven't left on a religious retreat. I've simply been walking along the paths formerly used by the monks.



Chapelle des moines de Grandmont Saint-Sylvestre Vieux pont sur la Couze


For those of you who love history, the Grandmont order is a monastic order founded in the 12th century in the Limousin (oh yes!). You can still see this heritage: the chapel situated in the hamlet of Grandmont in the district of Saint-Sylvestre, the Ambazac boc reliquary and various other religious objects. It's possible to see several of these treasures exhibited in museums the world over.

This order followed the strictest monastic rules that preferred solitude and disposition of all physical goods concentrate on prayer and contemplation. Finding an isolated place was thus essential for the community. 

I invite you to discover the area on foot and follow the stony paths that wind their way through the countryside. Because history isn't only written in stone, but also in the earth upon which man has strode…


Download  the hiking guide "the path of the Grandmont  monks" from our website


Good walking!

Article written by Julie Froment.