Limoges porcelain revealed, episode 4

Porcelaine Arquié in Limoges

Les Porcelaine ArquiéPorcelaine Arquié in Limoges revealed

The creations of artisinal porcelain producers, Pierre Arquié are as much in keeping with the traditions of Limoges with their box collections as they are innovative through their artistic, industrial or technical design projects. For eighteen years, their activity has been rooted in fertile ground based on using an extra-white porcelain and a completely manual production.

Recognised for its mastery of all craft porcelain production processes and its innovations it has been designated a "A Living Heritage Company".





For several years, porcelaines Arquié has taken a considerable change in direction in exploring new techniques through markets as varied as art, design or industry. What makes their work interesting is found in technical projects that even could be considered astonishing, covering various subjects. Also, they will only create a table service in answer to a chef's particular project. Up till now, the variety of their markets cover furniture, lighting, design, cosmetics, industry and other curiosities. The common point of all these projects: extend the limits of the matter respecting the craft tradition of Limoges.



Gregory Rosenblat, a trained engineer, director of the company, has accepted to tell us about his ideas on porcelain production in this video





Find the complete interview with Grégory Rosenblat on the Limoges in Haute-Vienne porcelain road website. 


Porcelaine Arquié is a member of the Limoges in Haute-Vienne porcelain road network.