Travel differently: be tempted by an outing on a steam train

Be tempted by an outing on a steam train

The Limousin-Périgord Tourist Railway Association breathes life back into the steam train

Before you think of boarding the train, you should imagine the work and the time spent by the passionate volunteers who have laboured for several years to restore the old locomotives and carriages. We should pay homage to them. It's worth recalling that today, it's still possible to travel in such old and forgotten equipment that has been restored for the pleasure of all. So, a little history…

The association that was founded on 19 May 1981 was then called the Périgord-Quercy Tourist Railway. It gathered together people who were interested in the railway in order to save, preserve and restore historic material and create a tourist train to run on the SNCF network during historical events, inaugurations and school or tourist journeys.


The association acquired the wreck of an old SNCF steam locomotive and a few reconditioned passenger coaches. The activity, at first limited to the Sarladais area, has developed over time to cover the south-west and centre of France. Today, the train covers more than 45,000 km across 28 départements visiting the Ile de France,  the Aquitaine, the Pyrénées, the Roussillon, the Auvergne and of course, the Limousin. In 1991, the volunteers set up on the SNCF site of Limoges-Puy Imbert with all the equipment. It's then that the association changed its name from C.F.P.Q. to C.F.T.L.P. for the Limousin-Périgord Tourist Railway Association and transferred its headquarters to Limoges.


Now let's get on to the fun part and your hair blowing in the wind… sign up quickly because a lot of tickets have already been sold! In 2015, more than 5000 people travelled totally steam. 



Train à vapeur pont sur la Vienne



2016 summer runs 

During the summer 2016 the steam train will run twice in July and four times in August between Limoges and Eymoutiers. This day-long trip leaving from Limoges will take you through the Vienne gorges before arriving at the town of leather tanners. Activities at the destination, guided visit and picnic area.




Departures are programmed between Eymoutiers and Châteauneuf-la-Forêt. A circuit of 1 hour 35 minutes from Eymoutiers to Châteauneuf-Bujaleuf. Travel the most spectacular 7 km of the line linking Limoges to Ussel. Numerous works of art line the route. A snack and a show await you at the destination.

A special train will be running the 27 August 2016 for the Saint-Sulpice-les-Feuilles station grande fete.





Information and reservations: 

Association C.F.T.L.P. 9, rue Martin Fréminet 87100 LIMOGES




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