The Espace Hermeline loves families

The Espace Hermeline loves families

It's here, parents, school's out and you can finally slow down and switch into holiday mode... but I can already feel a bit of anxiety invading your thoughts. What are you going to do with the children? They're bouncing off the walls and already running you ragged. Watch them carefully... if Tom uses his little sister's scooter to play trains in the house, that the curtains are being used to imitate Tarzan, that the youngest is spending hours diving in the bath and watering the walls and floor and Leo, the eldest, is using the stairs as a zipline and jumping off his bed as if he was in a rope park... don't worry, I've got just the thing. Spend the holidays with the family at the Espace Hermeline!

So, what is the Espace Hermeline? Well, let me tell you straight away: it's heaven for families! Nestling in an unspoilt corner of nature in the municipality of Bussière-Galant, south-west of the département, the leisure park offers activities for children and adults and all sorts of holidaymakers.

You love nature and you want to kick back during your holidays, you really want to do nothing? Take advantage of the beach and the supervised swimming (July and August), the shady hiking trails, the fishing chalet awarded the Parcours Famille label by the Fishing Federation or the miniature train that takes you on a ride through the heart of the leisure park. Or imagine yourself as Tiger Woods on the mini-golf course where you can try out your swing on the 18 holes... oops, no I meant the 18 games.

On aime les familles à l'Espace Hermeline vélo-rail


However, if you or someone in your family prefers action, I can suggest other more 'robust' activities such as bungy ejection that sends you up in the air attached to two elastics, a family orientated, classic rope park with 7 runs starting at the easiest for children from 5 years of age to the hardest for the most adventurous. And why not ride along in a bike-train to admire the coutryside dotted with chestnut trees along the old railway that runs to Châlus station. The circuit takes you to the start of the Hauts de Tardoire Green Way... but I'll talk about that another time.

Oh yes, I've forgotten something! In the heart of the Espace Hermeline can be found an infernal machine, accessible only for the bravest amongst you. In order to tame it, you have to climb numerous steps and then throw yourself off into the air 23 m above the ground... the mega zipline that flies you over the lake isn't for wimps. You've been warned - big thrills guaranteed!




On aime les familles à l'Espace Hermeline bungy

A word to the wise for those who don't want to drag their cool box everywhere with them. The management have thought of you and have installed a little café close to the welcome house where you can have lunch or a snack.


So, parents, to stop you from pulling your hair out and running from one place to another in order to keep your children occupied, think of the Espace Hermeline. Everything's been organised so that the day spent with the family is intense and active. Enjoy yourselves ;)




Espace Hermeline
Avenue du Plan d’Eau - 87230 Bussière-Galant
Tel: 05 55 78 86 12 - Fax: 05 55 78 85 95
The Espace Hermeline is open from 9 April to 30 June and 1st September to 1st November. (weekends, bank holidays, school holidays for zone A) from 13:30 PM to 7 PM.
During the period 1st july to 31 August, the Espace Hermeline is open 10 AM to 7 PM.


© photo credit: Malika Turin - CRT Limousin