Recommended circuits and itineraries

What’s more pleasant than to be guided on your arrival in an unknown village or corner of France? Unknown, but not for long. Let yourself be guided by recommended circuits and itineraries.

From Limoges, discover the four corners of the département. At your own pace. Car, bike and camping car, organise you day or break. 

Whether travelling by car, bike or camping car the Haute-Vienne opens itself up to you. Lovers of back roads or a desire to roam, we can recommend day or half-day circuits.



Brochure circuits et itinéraires conseillés pour découvrir la Haute-Vienne en voiture, camping-car, à véloOur “Discovery Circuit” brochure​


The itineraries presented are for information only and do not legally bind Haute-Vienne Tourisme. There are many more more detailed recommendations for cyclotouristes, amongst others, all the FFCT links are on our website.


The tourist offices recommend numerous circuit ideas; don’t hesitate to contact them. Useful, practical information (accommodation, eating places, camping car service areas, bike rental points) is available on the ‘Prepare’ page.


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Some bike circuit propositions: 

- Cycling in Limousin en marche (4 cyclotourist circuits in our Brame Benaize territory in the north of the Haute-Vienne).


- Cycle outings in Richard the Lionheart country: "On the path of Châteaus" 25 km, "Limousin hedged fields" 40 km, "Landscapes and villages" 60 km, "The Feuillardiers loop" 94,4 km. Information can be had at the  Voie Verte des Hauts de Tardoire Green Lane leisure base.


"On the wheel of Lawrence of Arabia" cycling circuit in Périgord-Limousin

Distance: 400 km (+ 30 km sports variation)

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On the wheel of Lawrence of Arabia" cycling circuit in Périgord-Limousin


- The French Cyclotourist Federation has numerous ideas itineraries on their website: and Here are a few ideas: 

- Pays des Feuillardiers - Val de Vienne : 125 km - 8.5 hours - Very Difficult

- Monts de Blond - Basse-Marche : 124 km - 8.5 hours - Very Difficult

- Pays Arédien - Mont Gargan : 131 km - 8.5 hours - Very Difficult

- Puys et Grands Monts : 116 km - 7.5 hours - Very Difficult

- Le pays de Limoges : 75 km - 5 hours - Very Difficult


Each circuit is described with a GPX trace, a description, timing, altitude climb and descent and difficulty.




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Upper Limousin landscape
The hedged fields mark the Upper Limousin landscape
Limoges 'Halles'
The Boucherie quarter in Limoges
Vassivière Lake
Anglers on Vassivière Lake