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Porcelain Jacques Pergay

Porcelain Jacques Pergay are situated in Limoges not far from the banks of the Vienne. Here, everything is hand-made, of the creation of molds in the cooking.

Jacques Pergay Porcelain is a manufacture located in Limoges not far from the banks of the Vienne. Everything here is hand made: from molds to firing and decoration of the pieces. Porcelain is a real passion: ACTIVITIES Jacques Pergay and his daughter Aurélie keep on creating new shapes and textures in the finest Limoges porcelain.


The manufacture is specializes in white and follows the tradition initiated by Pouyat «the white porcelain is not only our luxury, it is our pride: make it superb is not only a matter of vanity but of consience. In matter of conscience, noone is delicate enough» Manufacture and shop are specialised in tablewear, decorative objects (animals, candleholders, vases...) and now furniture with porcelain inserts.




Tours in English or Spanish upon request
Also in German and Italian






Open all year round from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm. Group visits upon request


Porcelaines Jacques Pergay

117 rue de nexon 87000 LIMOGES

Tél. : 05 55 31 24 24


Site Internet : (Online Store)



Porcelain Jacques Pergay
Aurélie Pergay
Porcelain Jacques Pergay
The turning out of china plays
Porcelain Jacques Pergay
Cups awaiting enamelling
Porcelain Jacques Pergay
Aurélie Pergay