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Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven)

The Museum of Casseaux, sheltering the Oven of Casseaux, is a Historic and technical site dedicated to the china of Limoges.

Listed on the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments, the Casseaux oven was in operation up until 1960. This double coal-fired oven was built in the early 20th century and is one of 5 ovens still to be seen in the city of Limoges, but the only one which can be visited.


The Espace Porcelaine association runs the museum and hosts temporary exhibitions. It plans to develop the site into a technological museum, in particular through its display of antique machinery.


Very close, the Manufacture Royal Limoges offers in its factory store tableware and china jewelry.



Tableware, other products.



Events, sales area, guided tours, free visits, demonstrations, other services(performances).



Tours in English



Self-guided tours: €4.50 per person.

Children under 12: free. 2.50 euros for students

Group visits by reservation: from €8 per person (based on 15 people)

Guided tours for schoolchildren: €3 per person (elementary, secondary and high school students), duration 1 hour.



Musée du Four des Casseaux

1 , rue Victor Duruy 87000 LIMOGES

Access to the museum and parking next to the Royal Limoges company

Tél. : 05 55 33 28 74





Open all year round from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm except Sundays and public holidays.

Group tours: Upon request, a 1.30 hour guided tour starting from 15 people

Tours available on Sunday upon request several days before

School visits Guided tours




Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
The history of the china on the edges of Vienna
Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
An assembly of deformed porcelain cups and in balance
Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
The manufacturing of the china
Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
A cup taken out of an imaginary world
Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
A tool
Museum Four des Casseaux (Casseaux Oven) in Limoges
White, black and red porcelain plates