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Porcelain Joseph Goscimski

Joseph Goscimski is a porcelain artist.

Joseph Goscimski is a porcelain artist, who hand-paints exclusive decorations on prestigious Limoges porcelain. An artist and craftsman, his pieces are all unique and specially commissioned (vases, lamps, traditional cobalt blue, personalised gifts...).


His original and delicately accurate brushwork is particularly clear in the flowers and plants he paints. His works are permanently on display and available for sale directly to the public in his workshop near Saint-Junien.



Tableware, blue of oven, boxes, jewels, decoration, funeral, lamps, rooms of furnishing, unique rooms and custom-made product, paintings.



Free admission



Open all year round. 

Workshop open to the public by appointment only between 10am and 12pm and from 3pm to 7pm.


Joseph Goscimski

Les trois Bornes Route Rieubarby 170


Tél. : 05 55 02 36 96



Porcelain Joseph Goscimski
A porcelain vase decorated with poppies
Porcelain Joseph Goscimski
A white cup decorated in red and yellow
Porcelain Joseph Goscimski
The brushes of the artist in close-up
Porcelain Joseph Goscimski
The artist