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Véronique Fraisseix PERL Porcelain

Since 2008, Véronique Fraisseix looks for new materials and new decorations, in a spirit of ceaseless innovation.

Véronique Fraissais arrived in Limoges in 1984 where she worked for Jacques Coudamy (design and construction of ceramic kilns) until 1996. In 2004 she met up with Jacques Coudamy again and learned the process of making porcelain beads. These pearls are formed and coloured directly on the porcelain piece according to the temperature (patented system).

They then decided to create the company PERL - Porcelaine et Recherche de Limoges - to market these beads. Véronique will thus, as a self-taught person, create different models and decorate porcelain pieces (boxes, vases, pendants...). 

In 2014, the company is stopped, Véronique Fraissais starts again as a self-employed. She works in collaboration with Carpenet porcelains, boulevard Louis Blanc in Limoges.


Today, her creations can be found on her website PERL Porcelaine and are shipped according to the state of the stock.



Boxes, jewellery, other products.



Demonstrations, other services.



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Véronique Fraissais PERL Porcelaine


18 rue Joseph Leyssène 87350 PANAZOL


Tél. : 06 72 17 14 17




WebSite :

Porcelain Véronique Fraissais
A porcelain vase
Porcelain Véronique Fraissais
A pendant
Porcelain Véronique Fraissais
A porcelain sweet box
Porcelain Véronique Fraissais
Porcelain jewels
Porcelain Véronique Fraissais
A white and red porcelain vase