The Central Market Hall

Limoges's central market hall was built between 1885 and 1889. It is a remarkable example of 19th century architecture. The metal framework's triangular shapes each weigh 14 tonnes. It was designed by two engineers, who studied the Eiffel technique: Levesque (who spent a long time working with the manager of the Eiffel-Seyrig studies) and Pesce. The outdoor 1.200 square metre brick wall does not have a single indoor pillar. A beautiful frieze, made up of 328 high-fire porcelain tiles enhances the decor. Each tile is different and evokes produce sold on the market: poultry, fish, game, flowers... Limoges market hall is known for its interior lighting. It is a popular outing for the people of Limoges and there are two restaurants inside the building, where guests eat side by side, on long tables.
Open Monday through Saturday from 6am to 2pm and Sundays from 7am to 1pm.


Accessibilité handicapés (loi 2005) : Oui
Spécificités : Ville d'art et d'histoire
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Les halles centrales
Place de la Motte
Office de Tourisme de Limoges
12 boulevard de Fleurus
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