The Richard Coeur de Lion road

19 historic sites on the fringes of Aquitaine and Limousin. In the Middle Ages, vicomté Limoges was bordered on the southwest by castles, churches and cities forming a fortified line of defense to the limits of the Duchy of Aquitaine, possession of Plantagenet and Richard the Lion Heart in particular, the latter having been fatally wounded in front of Chalus-Chabrol in 1199.
On the grassy slopes Monts du Limousin, these sites are by their history, their architectural beauty, their wealth and their artistic environment, a fascinating and wonderful heritage, partly included in the Regional Natural Park Périgord-Limousin.


Spécificités : Route Richard Coeur de Lion
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La Route Richard Coeur de Lion

Château de Lastours 87100 LIMOGES
(La Route Richard Coeur de Lion)

Château de Lastours 87000 LIMOGES