Briance Sud Haute-Vienne Tourist Office in Pierre Buffière

Pierre-Buffière is located south of Limoges, along the A20 motorway. It is a stopover village overlooking three valleys : Briance, Breuilh and Blanzou. Pierre-Buffière is the birthplace of Charles Dupuytren, a famous surgeon who worked for Kings Louis XVIII and Charles X. The town’s architectural heritage is remarkable. Do not miss : Sainte-Croix church and its « bleu de four » porcelain plated doorway, the town’s 3 angel hotel , a 16th century coaching inn where Pope Pie VII stayed after having been released from Fontainebleau prison by Napoleon, Antone villa - a Gallo-Roman villa where archaeological research is currently going on, carried out by a local association called “Dupuytren Mémoire Vivante”. Our Tourist Office also invites visitors to discover the other towns in the Châteauponsac area Château-Chervix, Glanges, La Porcherie, Magnac-Bourg, Meuzac, Saint-Genest-sur-Roselle, Saint-Germain-les-Belles, Saint-Hilaire-Bonneval, Saint-Vitte-sur-Briance and Vicq-sur-Breuilh.


Accessibilité handicapés (loi 2005) : Oui
Langues parlées : Anglais
Spécificités : Route Richard Coeur de Lion, Village étape, Réseau LEI, Partenaire Terra Aventura
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Place du 8 Mai 1945
Office de Tourisme Briance Sud Haute-Vienne - Pôle de Pierre Buffière
Place du 8 Mai 1945
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